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Hey guys, I just thought I would let you know that I have started a site.

I have been selling a good number of the 2NASTE chassis on the forums and it is getting harder to keep track of everything. I think we have two left as a club, so PLEASE purchase from Bob Nak if you need one locally.

Second, I have negotiated to be a US distributor for The Area71 slot cars. If you don't what these are, I recommend checking them out. They are high end 3d printed kits. The 1/32 scale cars come with everything you need minus drivetrain to get going, and the 1/24 cars have inserts and interior, but are meant to go a on a chassis like the 2naste or other.

Normally you would have to pay close to $25 dollars shipping for up to 5 kits from manufacturer as they are in Italy. I will be selling all of this first round for retail pricing and FREE shipping in the US!

I have about 30 kits coming in very soon, and they will be listed on the site.

This is one I just finished last week for use in the HRW GT3 proxy. They are a bit or work to make pretty, but much higher performance than anything you can do in resin I think.


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Cool Zack!

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Site looks good! Well done.

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Brilliant idea for all your quality work. I'm sure it will be a success!