Topic: Naste race 7/20/19

We'll be hosting this on Saturday. Email me for our adress at

Re: Naste race 7/20/19

I wish I could make it by on Saturday, but I will be out 1:1 racing again. I look forward to the next time I get to run Allenbrook!


Re: Naste race 7/20/19

I will be out of town, dang it! Love your track!

Re: Naste race 7/20/19

A good crowd and a good time.   A few minor items to deal with but nothing too out of the normal for a first race.

And a short, pleasant drive to boot from Hillsboro.

Thank you Mitch and Chris!

"Big Smooth"

Re: Naste race 7/20/19

yes sir it was fun time for all. not a bad drive from Camby.  Thanks Mitch and Chris.

The secondnidator

Re: Naste race 7/20/19

We had fun. Good turnout for a hot summer night. Thanks to out hosts!