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Do we just outlaw this car now? … inner.html

Or try it against the Thunderslot?

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Here we go again!

Here's an idea for y'all to consider instead of trying to add a bunch of new classes to fit these new super performance cars and restricting what we can race. Why not have a sub-class for each class we already have. The sub-classes would be OPEN classes, meaning open to any modifications excluding traction magnets. The open classes would be scheduled and raced separately from the non-open class, but racers could run their non-open class cars in the open class if they chose to. Here's how it would look, Classic Sports Car DivII Open, or Can Am Open, raced independently on any given race night. These classes would catch ANYTHING that came out, including exotic scratchbuilds. I would also separate out all current jointly raced divisions and race them as stand alone classes. In the case of our current mess we refer to as F1, I would change it to one or two specific categories of F1 cars with specific rules and throw all rest rest into the F1 Open Class. In this wat any one class could be raced and scored accurately, even for a point series race.

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I think we agree here that the two choices that work best are open classes and classes with spec cars of the same caliber.  More enforcement or at least better classification would be a plus.  I would hope open class would still have some motor limits?  More is not always better.

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I agree Monte. I would say the Open classes would still have some rules, just less restrictive. Maybe nothing more than motor/power limits?

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In what current class would this car run?

GT?  Nope.  No roof.

Can Am?  I don't think 908's ran Can Am.  A look at the linked USRRC participants doesn't include 908.

Le Mans?  Nope.  While it did run there, our class is for Fly and Scaley (and similar) cars.  NSR is not similar.

Classics II?  Only with a lower spec motor and narrow tires.

Trans Am?  F1?  GT3?  DTM?  Nope across the board.

Its only opportunity is  Classics II.  We removed the ban on NSR so the cars are legal.  I'd say run one there if you want to.

Regardless of a class to run it in, NSR's are legal.  I am interested in grabbing one of these once they come down a little in price.


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I had a 908 1/24 body that I looked into racing in Howie's Can Am class at rapid Raceway. I did some research and found that 908/02s were in fact configured and prepared to race in Can Am. I don't remember all the specifics.