Topic: New BRM 917 for $140

If you may have been thinking about getting a BRM classic but were put off by the $170 price tag, you may find this new offering appealing.  I don't know why, but it's $30 cheaper: … ts_id=9432

I have had the task of submitting a set of NASTE rules to Bill for much longer than I care to acknowledge.  We WILL start running them as a group, someday...


Re: New BRM 917 for $140

This car should be legal for our race on the 25th, correct?

Finger poised at the ready to order...

"Big Smooth"

Re: New BRM 917 for $140

For those who weren't in on the conversation which Monte and I had Thurs evening, the answer is "YES!!"  This car is every bit legal for the June 24th race we are planning.

It's also $10 cheaper than the undecorated white kit. … ts_id=9432

The rules for the race are posted here under Class 10: