Topic: Howie's Porsche 962 Enduro

Ok, an opportunity has presented itself! The seattle team will not be making it down this year. The chassis Bob McFarland has built for the Seattle team to use is up for loan! Here's your chance to race a chassis built by THE BEST hardbody chassis builder! Howie's Annual Porsche 962 Enduro is THE 1/24 racing event of the year in the Northwest! This is a true enduro! So here's your chance, if you're interested let me know ASAP! Four racers have already contacted me and expressed interest. George, Monte, Rico, and AJ are on the list. And here's the best part, rumor has it there maybe a second loaner chassis available! That will make room for two more racers!  ----------------------Bill

Re: Howie's Porsche 962 Enduro

I talked with Bob McFarland and John Gill today. John gave me a call and said he would have a complete ready to run car for loan to a team to race at Howie's 962 Enduro. He has a body that's painted and ready. All that is needed is to connect up the head and tailights for the car. John volunteered to assist the team in preparing the car, and I will help as well.

Bob McFarland emailed me and he is willing to loan a chassis for a team. Bob also has a body for the car, This car will require a motor and all the associated parts to assemble it for racing. The team that chooses this car will need more preparation. There will be plenty of help available I'm sure, but the team using this car should plan on a little more preparation time.

So, on my list of interested racers I have George, Monte, Rico, AJ and my son John. If you would let me know which car you're interested in teaming up on, I will assign you to that car. Also, it looks like we will be looking for at least one more racer to fill the teams for these two cars. If you are interested please let me know ASAP!  ---------------Bill