Topic: Very Sad Tidings...

I just heard from Paula Hodge. Greg passed away on Sunday. While this was sudden it wasn't unexpected as he was totally bed-ridded had just gone into a home hospice program.

I'll be going to Sandy on Thursday afternoon to help her get Greg's collection organized so she can sell it.


Re: Very Sad Tidings...

Another sad day.  Sorry to hear that.  I know he certainly enjoyed the hobby.

"Big Smooth"

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I am truly saddened to hear this news. He was a very generous and talented man! His kindness and generosity extended to koi and pond hobbyists as well as slot car hobbyists. I know he will be missed dearly!   -----------------Bill

Re: Very Sad Tidings...

Wow- a double whammy.   I certainly will miss Greg's generosity and his love of slot cars and most of all his friendship.  I will always treasure the time spent running his extraordinary track.


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