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Topic: PASER True Scale Trans Am

The first official PASER True Scale Trans Am race was held at The Gorge Raceway on January 28th, 2023. 11 racers came to participate in this new PASER class. Thanks to Frank Lynn, Tim Booze and Matt Bell for coming and racing here for the first time. A mix of PASER Trans AM and TA2 cars from NWTS raced 4 minute heats, rotating 2 times on each lane for a total of 32 minutes for each driver. The Gorge Raceway is a technical 4 lane routed wood track, 72 feet in length which made for tight racing with close battles and a few big crashes. A special thanks to those who brought snacks. When the smoke cleared, the final results:
1. Racerbob 321 laps
2. Bad Billy 299 laps
3. Turing John 282 laps
4. Meat 273 laps
5. Howie 267 laps
6. Fearless Frank 246 laps
7. Tiny Tim 246 laps
8. Prozack 206 laps
9. Timba 205 laps
10. Matt 187 laps
11. Hersh 62 laps

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Bob, do you know which guys were running NWTS cars and which guys were running OSCAR cars?

It was good to see Matt back at the track, and also to see Frank and Tim B. racing with us!

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Turing John, Hersh and myself ran PASER trans Am cars. All the others were NWTS TA2 cars. No OSCAR cars were run.
Nice Job of driving. Had tons-o -racing with you!
Thanks for coming and playing!!!

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Oops....my mistake. I forgot OSCAR spec cars are not legal in the PASER Trans Am Class!