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Today was the first event of the "Bob McFarland Memorial Tour 2022". A huge thank you to all who came to race. Bob was a great friend in so many aspects, and a mentor to many in the slot car community. His passing was a great loss to all those who knew him. It is an honor to be part of this tour and look forward to other tracks who participate in the tour. The participant number was a little low and a special thanks go out to Susan Street and Mitch Brooks for helping out corner marshalling and to my wife Teri who ordered and delivered lunch. It shows the BIG hearts of those who are involved in our sport. The racing was so close, that the finishing order came down to the very last heat of the race. Each driver had 64 minutes of track time. Racing these cars have so many variables beyond their control, it boils down to effort, choices and plain old luck. Here are the final results:
1st. Bob Nakamura (NAKNAK)          660.2 laps.
2nd. Zack Morgan (Prozack)             656.2 laps
3rd. Ton Street (Terrible Tommy)      650.6 laps
4th. John Gill (Turing John)              644.6 laps
5th. Bill Bostic (Bad Billy)                613.6 laps
6th. Stewart Wall (Stewmeat)          610.3 laps
7th. Bart Ouchida (Bartman)            592.1 laps
8th. Lee Dundas Jr. (J.R.)                495.1 laps

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Thank you Bob for hosting the first race in the McFarland Memorial Track Tour! It was an awesome event, and congratulations on your first OSCAR win!

The Super Stock Class cars looked great on the track!

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The back room pit area was set up in remembrance of Bob McFarland.

Bartman and ProZack discussing race strategy.

Lee Dundas Jr. and Turing John discuss chassis set up.

Steve Smith and Nak Nak talking about the old times.

Stewmeat prepping for the start of the race.

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It is great to see Lee Dundas Jr. making a return to the OSCAR racing scene. He was on top of the heap in the first part of the qualifying session! (There you go Lee, it has been documented!).

Mitch came out in support for the event, and although he did not race he stuck out the entire event helping with turn marshal duties. Thank you very much Mitch!

Bart ran a great race! This is one new comer that is coming up FAST!

Here are your first place through third place finishers, and the winner of the Racer's Choice Award.

Terrible Tommy's second place finishing car and trophy.

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Wow, I hqven't seen Steve or Lee since Stumman's.  Looks like another good time waws had, but what about that Bob beard?

"Big Smooth"

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That's no beard....That's a COVID filter!