Topic: Mr. Slotcar Silicone washers.

Hey guys,

I have been testing this product for the last couple of months. They are just not becoming available for purchase. I hope that Alan @ will have them on his site soon, as he is also carrying the new line of Mr. Slotcar Patriot chassis's.

They can be used to dampen the pod, with either one under, or one on top and on the bottom of the pod connect. Using two, along with a through bolt and a nyloc is a great way to change the tension on the pod!

I also have been using them on almost all of my body posts. Just trim .5mm off the post, glue one of these on and you are good to go!

What is the benefit?

1- Decreased vibrations in the drivetrain and the body will help create grip, and the car will move more freely.

2-It makes them quiet and smooth!

Many of the top plastic and brass car builders have been using something similar for the last couple years, this is just the first commercially available option! … 0-5mm.html