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The play runs the last 2 weekends in October and the first weekend in November, so you should be out of quarantine by then. Hopefully, you and Chris are feeling better already!


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Once more (and the last time, I promise) a reminder that I'm doing a play in McMinnville at the Gallery Theater:



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The dates are good for me. My play is over the weekend before. Hey, it looks like 4 6-hour shifts for each of us...


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As always, Chris, I'll be there, provided the date coincides with my availability.


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As always, Chris, I'll be there, provided the date coincides with my availability.


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Many thanks, Monte. It's a good cast; should be fun.


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It's happened again; Stan's been bitten once more by the acting bug. He'll be appearing in the Gallery Theater's production of Agatha Christie's enduring mystery, "And Then There Were None" the last two weekends in October, and the first weekend in November, at the Gallery Theater in McMinnville.

Stan plays "General MacKenzie" in the production.

Showtimes, prices, and theater info here: https://www.gallerytheater.org/and-then-there-were-none

The Oregonian had a nice photo review of the Derby here: https://www.oregonlive.com/living/2022/ … tabor.html

I plan on being there, Chris. I would need a Large. Do you need help on any days prior to the 20th?

It even LOOKS fast! Scary fast!

Confucius say "Woman who fly upside down have crack up!"

Was he running a "plumber" chassis?


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I will be there!


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Any word on running this? Or have I missed it entirely?

Hopefully all is well in the Brooks household...

Just saw this. I'm very glad the surgery went well, Rico. Best wishes for a full and painless recovery for Kelly! We will miss you tomorrow night.


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As always, I am up for helping out, driving or marshaling.


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Good to know, thanks!


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May be just you and me this year, Chris. I'll always be in!


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Talked with Alan recently about other stuff, but he mentioned that there WILL be a 24 Hour BRM race this year in November. Is anyone interested in participating? Alan said the info would be out later in the summer. As usual, it will be new BRM cars (he's not saying what kind), so might be an interesting event.


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Hang on to your wallet, Sam, you'll be sorely tempted to empty it....

Sorry, I'm going to miss this one. Will be in Boulder City, NV to clear out my father-in-law's place after his passing a couple of weeks ago.


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I'll see you at 4. thanks


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Mitch, what time are you running the proxy?


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That's right, it's an "even" Thursday. So if I qualify at my track and run at Mitch's do people think that's not "right"? The tracks are different, but the cars should qualify pretty much the same on ANY track, right?


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If I qualify the cars on my track, then run the proxy on Al's, do you think people will think that's unfair? I don't think we'll have time to qualify and run 2 proxies on Thursday.


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I'll have time after our next Airbnb guest leaves on the 21st. You're running the crap car proxy on the 24th, right?