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Topic: Classes and plans for the 2025 season.

I am looking forward to the 2025 season, but not wanting to rush the summer away! Following is a list of the classes to be raced:

         Class                                        Chassis                                      Motor

1.....NASCAR--------------------------open chassis       -----------------Open S16D motor
2.....Can-Am--------------------------    "       "            ----------------Chinese arm S16D motor or Hawk 7
3.....LeMans---------------------------Flexi type chassis-----------------   "               "        "
4.....Trans-Am-------------------------#2NASTE type chassis-----------   "               "        "
5.....NASTRUCK-----------------------            "          "        -----------    "              "        "
6.....Slammer-------------------------            "           "       -----------    "              "        "
7.....962-------------------------------            "          "        ------------  "              "         "
8.....Early Modified--------------------Hanna type chassis----------------  "             "         "
9.....Late Modified---------------------    "       "       "      ---------------   "             "         "
10...Early Sportsman------------------   "       "        "     ---------------    "             "         "
11...Late Sportsman-------------------   "       "        "     ---------------    "             "         "
12...Indy--------------------------------Comes with kit-------------------Hawk 7 motor.

There will be no more additional classes......we pretty well got everything covered!!

I will still do even Thursday night races, we need 7 racers to make a race, otherwise we can work on projects and drink coffee and eat cookies!

I will rotate through the classes starting with NASCAR at the Rapid 500 in early October.

I plan on 3 or 4 Pizza races ( all day Saturday with food ).

The track owners will get together soon to plan each track's schedule.

To be continued when news comes.

Have a great summer!

See ya.

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Re: Classes and plans for the 2025 season.

Additional info on the 2025 schedule: Rapid raceway has the first Saturday each month beginning with the Rapid 500 on Oct. 5. and is ending the season early in June. If the first Saturday of the month is on a holiday or very close to one, then I will reschedule. I am keeping my even Thursday night racing about once a month as Inslot's Checkered Flag and the Gorge Raceway is not doing Thursdays anymore. I will send out a news letter to all the racers about a week prior to each race. Also the 962 Columbia Gorge Championship will not take place next season so I will have a 962 series here at Rapid. I will keep updating the news for the 2025 season as it develops.

Re: Classes and plans for the 2025 season.

The tentative schedule is on the Calendar, there could be changes. I do have two races each for the 13 True Scale classes. Unfortunately I do not have room on the calendar to have a 962 series.

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Re: Classes and plans for the 2025 season.

Update: I am only going to run the following classes for the 2025 season:

2.....Late Modified
4.....Late Sportsman

Then in the 2026 season run the following classes:

2.....Early Modified
4.....Early Sportsman

The NASCAR is scheduled every season because of the Rapid 500 and the Indy for the closing race of each year, the Rapid Grand Prix. The 962 is on every year because it is a favorite class of a lot of racers and almost everyone has one.

I think this will make it easier on new racers and everybody so you don't have to prepare a lot of cars for each season.

There could be some minor changes during the season, but right now this is it, we will see how it goes.

Re: Classes and plans for the 2025 season.

I see I forgot to include the Slammer class. It is a popular class also and I will add it to both the '25 and '26 season.