Sounds like the cars are pretty equal.

What motors fit the Avant cars? They have one at Fantasy World without a motor that looks pretty good.

Happy New Year!

I thought I would start a thread for the next season.

What are you all building?

I've started with an SCX Pro Audi with a clear(!) body. (Greg, are you for hire???)
Starting here because this is familiar for me, since I ran the SCX Pro Porsche GT with limited success. Certainly not because I have some inside info.
What are you all running and why?

So now it's time for motors- IIRC we used the Slot it motors last time for under 22K- what is everyone running?

Let's start with these questions before we go to other aspects of the build.


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Just a couple of thoughts based on a lifetime of slot car racing.

1. I think Randy does a great job and his philosophy of keeping it fun, simple and like real racing works well with our group and is trouble free most nights.

2. I actually changed cars in the middle of my last heat this week. Now, I was in last place and finished there, so it didn't make a difference, but it did help me evaluate my car in a race condition (trust me I have a long way to go!). Having said that, I have never, and will never substitute a car in a race where it will make a difference. I think Randy has made that clear to all of us that changing your car while leading or at least competing for a good finish is not acceptable. To me, it's like saying it's OK to double dribble while playing basketball. You could do it, but are you really playing basketball?

3. I personally don't like other people changing my car's lane sticker at the end of each heat. I've raced my whole life where you are responsible for changing your car's lane sticker. During a lane change I like to take care of my car and get it ready for the next heat, including changing the sticker. I know that BSCC doesn't have easy access to the far corners of the track, but I still prefer the marshals  to hand me my car and then I give it back for them to put me in the next lane.

4. I have never seen Randy restart a heat for any reason. I have personally been a victim of my own stupidity (hooking a controller wrong) and a victim of the track (no power), but we go anyways. It's been the same for everyone, no exceptions and as long there aren't any, it's OK with me. Now, in all other racing I have been involved in it is the discretion of the race director and that works well too, as long as ground rules are clear that restarts are only for issues beyond the racer's control (like for example a car gets knocked off the table and can't be found or a marshal damages a car). We could do something similar, but it is up to Randy since he would need to enforce it, and be the judge and jury in each circumstance.

Just my $.02

Thanks for putting me in Monte...

First and most importantly, I'm easy, I'm here for the fun of it too. So what ever is decided is just fine with me.

Some further thoughts-

One point to make about my idea of awarding constructor points and driver points, where you seed the cars and teams with a qualifier each race: The effort to seed your car into the main to score constructor points should prevent the best racers from sandbagging since they will be in the running for both driver and constructor points.
Also, the lower half should still be working hard to get their car into the field each night- "for the fun of it" and I would say there should be no collusion or gaming going on there either.

If we split racing time up by segments in the final race, I would just mandate that it is done at the end of the segments and each team decides who runs what two lanes. Given our normal lane change time of over a minute is more than enough time to make the hand off to a new driver. No need for additional time. So you can have a scenario where one team has the first driver the first two consecutive lanes followed by the second driver or any of the three other possible variations...

Here's my two cents:

Of course I would think the program was fine...

If you want to make it an equal time then you can just have each driver on each team run two lanes per heat. The team members choose. I've done this before and it is fun to watch the strategy play out with driver match-ups.

The fuel management is a cool aspect, and fun to use. If you mandate driver changes at segments and not fuel stops, then everyone is racing the same time (two segments each) and you still have the fuel management.

On driver pairings and teams here's an option (maybe not now, but in the future):

Every race everyone races in a quick individual qualifier. Seeding is based on results of that race that night.

Teams are selected first with last, second with second to last etc. for the main event.

The lead driver uses his car exclusively since that is the car that qualified for the team race. (This will even things up even more.)

Points are scored for drivers based on individual finishes in their team.

A separate constructors championship is awarded to the lead drivers. At the end of the series you have a constructor and individual champion.

I've always wanted to run an enduro series this way, we just have never done it.

Anyways, keep up the good work!!!


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OK tiny racing men (and women). Here is the place to talk in tiny voices about the smallest scale racing!

I'll try to get some race results and pictures posted up soon.

In the meantime, don't miss our upcoming HOPAC race in Canby in March. This is the Oregon HO Championship for HOPAC. Racing on the beautiful Brystal routed 6 X 18 track. One of the fasted HO tracks we race on, this track is truly awesome.

You can find more information in the calendar section.


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I use snapfish, but I don't see a way to point to the files- I can share links of the photos but not the actual .jpg file name.

for example: … 6%3Bnu0mrj

So maybe if you have a place I can store some that we can post that will work better.




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Not sure how to do that on this forum. If you could give me some instructions I will get the pictures up.



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Hi Guys-

New here but been involved with HO Racing all my life. We are a mainstream HO Racing organization in the Pacific NW.

Here's some info on the tracks:

Here's are rules:

We are running our Pacific NW tour. The racing is for Box Stock and G-Jets. The cars are similar to Super G+, and use the new BSRT G3 chassis. The racing is competitive and fun. Our next race is on February 21st in Washington at Emerald Raceway. The first link has contact information for Emerald raceway.
There will be are race in March at the Brystal speedway in Canby Oregon on March 21st.

All the tracks are routed and use magnetic rail material similar to AFX track, but continuous. The cars are easy to put together and since this is one platform racing, very close and competitive.

Lot's of information, like I said, I am new here so I will keep it short. We are interested in getting more people out to our racing programs so let us know if you are interested in HO racing.

I will try to answer any and all questions anyone has about our programs.