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instead of playing with the voltage and motors. why not try min lap time. you break out your lap does not count. you do that enough the driver will slow the car down on his own.

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Re: Discussion of Classic Sports Cars ECT.

I think the goal is to have slot classes which perform in a manner analogous to their 1:1 counterparts.  So yeah, if a sundial is needed, maybe that's the consequence of this action.  Let's not say we need to slow a class down and then complain that it's too slow!!!

I think the voltage argument has two things going for it:
1 - it allows box stock cars to play on a "level" field (at least in theory)
2 - if we do deem it too slow, we turn it up a little

Let's discuss...  Oh, but I'll be off the grid again for 10 days, so it will be without my input.

Re: Discussion of Classic Sports Cars ECT.

Can we control individual lane voltage?  Not on any of the tracks I know of that we race on, so I fail to see how that levels the playing field. If you just lower the voltage some motors will be more affected than others. The fact remains the simplest way is to put a RPM and tire size limit in place and go racing.

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Re: Discussion of Classic Sports Cars ECT.

I think we need to do some experimenting with some of the ideas suggested and see where it takes us.

I know Al's track has the capability of adjusting the track voltage, and the lap time breakout could also be experimented with.