Topic: NASTE Formula 1 Challenge Rules

Old style racing for vintage Formula One/GP race cars with minor modifications.  The emphasis is on fair and fun competition as well as promoting interactivity between the local Northwest area racers and clubs.

One car per entrant.  You may select your car from any of the five classes. All classes race together under the Formula One Challenge format. The race is scored with an overall winner as well as individual class winners.


Cartrix Classic

  • Porsche 804

  • Talbot-Lago

  • Aston Martin DBR4

  • Vanwall

  • Lancia-Ferrari D50

  • Gordini T32

  • Maserati 250F F

  • BRM P-25

  • Lotus 16

Scalextric Historic

  • Cooper Climax

  • Ferrari 375

  • Ferrari 156 Sharknose

  • Maserati 250F

  • Vanwall

Scalextric Vintage

  • Lotus 49

  • Eagle

  • Lotus 49b high wing

  • McLaren m7c low wing

*this class has 19 or 20mm dia x 10mm wide tires

Scalextric Nostalgic

  • Lotus 72c low rear wing

  • Tyrell 002 low rear wing

  • Lotus 72e low rear wing

  • Tyrell 003 w/porsche 908 nose

*this class has 22mm dia x 12mm wide tires

Scalextric Modern

  • Ferrari 312t2 low wing

  • McLaren m23 low wing


Any modifications not listed below are not allowed.  Cars found to not be in compliance will be crushed, burned and bagged prior to their return.

•    Tires – any brand but must maintain the same size/profile.  Absolutely no chemical doctoring of the tires.  (Track hosts should specify preferred tire choices.)
•    Ballast – allowed.
•    Traction magnets must be removed.
•    Cartrix front axle stabilization allowed.
•    Motors may be glued in place.
•    Axle bushings may be glued in place.

"Big Smooth"

Re: NASTE Formula 1 Challenge Rules

What was ever decided on motor limits for this class? I was looking at the new Police F1 cars. They look great but have 24.5K motors in them. Would we have to change to a legal/different motor to race them?

Re: NASTE Formula 1 Challenge Rules

Well if u get one that would make 4 we can have our own class them

The secondnidator

Re: NASTE Formula 1 Challenge Rules

We'll just add another class, no one will notice.

"Big Smooth"

Re: NASTE Formula 1 Challenge Rules

I wonder how long I have to wait for a yellow one.

Re: NASTE Formula 1 Challenge Rules

Not long if either red or blue look yellow to you.  Nor would I be hoping for a white kit.

According to the Policar web site they have at least three coming out soon (2 March and a Lotus) with more to hopefully follow.

You do realize they are now owned by

"Big Smooth"