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Topic: More Racing in Tacoma on 5/17

132slotcar.us is hosting another day of racing on May 17.  Sounds like the major race is a BRM event, with anglewinder kits being furnished to participants for simply entering.  Other categories on the docket are 1/24 Scaleauto GT, Slot.it Sprints, 1/32 scale Scaleracing LMP OPEN and a new class- Scaleracing Modern GT for 2000 and later GT 2/3 cars.  Based on needing to build anglewinders for the BRM race (will take some time), I would plan on the racing lasting well into the evening if all the categories are run.

Additional discussion in the thread on SCI:

http://www.slotcarillustrated.com/porta … hp?t=79110

I am booked with a prior commitment but will be attending if that falls through.  I can furnish BRM and Scaleauto loaners if that is precluding someone from participating.  Email me if you're interested.

Track specs: 8 lanes and braided with magna-braid.  Typically cars are required to run non-mag.  Voltage is up around 13V and cars haul.  Pics:

http://www.naste.org/members/bill/TT001.jpg http://www.naste.org/members/bill/TT002.jpg

http://www.naste.org/members/bill/TT003.jpg http://www.naste.org/members/bill/TT004.jpg