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Topic: NWTS Porsche 962 Challange Series Race#4

Race #4 of 5 for the 2022-2023 Porsche 962 Challange Series was contested on March 25th, 2023. The venue was Springwater Raceway on the 130 ft. Ogilvie Grandstand 8 lane commercial track. 14 racers converged on a crisp Saturday morning to prepare for a full day of racing. After practice and some thrashing to get cars ready to race, the event rolled of at approximately 11:30 am. The race consisted of 4 racers on the outside four lanes for a round. 4 racers on the inside 4 lanes for a round. This rotation was repeated one more time, so each racer raced on all 8 lanes twice, for a total of 64 minutes for each racer. The totals were added up, and an overall winner was declared. Points are awarded for each finishing position and the racer with the highest total after the 5-race series is the winner. This series cycles through 5 different tracks. The day was filled with close racing, flying cars and feverish pit work to keep cars in the race. Unfortunately, a few racers were unable to complete the event. A special thanks to my wife, Teri, who picked up and delivered pizza.
The final results showed how close some of the battles were, which provided fun and excitement throughout the day.
Name                       laps
1st: Racerbob         654.0
2nd: Gary Tipton     651.1
3rd: Bad Billy           641.9
4rh: Scary Gary        628.3
5th: Capt. Kirk         621.5
6th: Turing John      591.4
7th: Rob                  588.5
8th: Al (Meat)         572.7
9th: Tiny Tim          530.0
10th: Hersh            437.1
11th: Mitch            416.3
12th: Doug            407.8
13th: Skidmark      391.0
14th: Howie           355.6