Topic: OSCAR Sportscars November 12th, 2022

The 2022 OSCAR season is officially underway! A total of 14 racers showed up to compete and have a fun time. A special thank you to those who came from Bend, OR and Seattle, WA to spend the day with us. The racing was close and intense at times with a few hard crashes and just some good old-fashioned side by side battles. A huge thank you to my wife, Teri, who picked up and delivered pizza. Also, thank you to those who brought snacks to Friday night practice, and on race day. Now for the final results.

1st- Zack Morgan (Prozack) 690.7 laps
2nd- Bob Nakamura (NakNak) 676.8 laps
3rd - John Gill (Turing John) 666.1 laps
4th - Korbin Shaw (Korbinator) 608.5 laps
5th - Bill Bostic (Bad Billy) 603.3 laps
6th - Stewart Wall (Stewmeat) 595.9 laps
7th - Tom Street (Terrible Tommy) 587.6 laps
8th - Craig Rieland (Fly Racing) 582.9 laps
9th - Al Christensen (Meat) 581.3 laps
10th - Lee Dundas Jr. 570.4 laps
11th - Bart Ouchida (Bartman) 554.6 laps
12th - Dennis Cook (DC Dynamo) 509.4 laps
13th - Rob Enders 364.8 laps
14th - Mitch Brooks 169.5 laps
Racer's Choice winner - Craig Rieland

Re: OSCAR Sportscars November 12th, 2022

Springwater is such a fun, FAST track! But make a mistake and you may pay dearly!....Or worse yet make someone else pay for your mistake! Such was the case for me. I'll try blaming it on "senior moments", but I've been hooking my controller up backwards from time to time for years!........Anyway, a BIG apologize to Mitch, I am truly sorry I destroyed your car!   ====Bill