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Topic: 2021 Patriot 500

The 2021 Classic NASCAR race will be called the "Patriot 500" in honor of September 11th (Patriot Day)
Doors open at 8am, Tech (Body Off) at 9:30, Race start at 10am. Cost is 10.00 / includes lunch.
Race will be 4 minute heats / 4 times through. Plaques for 1st through 4th plus Racer's Choice.
Rules as per NWTS Rules on the forum page. Practice from 4-8 pm, Friday the 10th.
Looking forward to a fun 2021 racing season!!!

Bob N.

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

Looking forward to the new season that hopefully will not be interrupted by some kind of pandemic! I am almost done with my Classic NASCAR. Bill and I are currently trying to get my email back which went away for some reason last weekend. So if anybody has emailed me lately and no answer back, that is the reason.

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Re: 2021 Patriot 500

Update for the rules package for the Classic NASCAR class. The bodies for the class will be any 1/24 Revell-Monogram NASCAR
body that will fit the chassis. The year range is approximately from 1981-2007. The body trim rule stated no trimming of the body sides other than the sideskirt and front spoiler. Since there is a variation of body heights in the aforementioned year range, the minimum 1.850 height rule will be the standard. You can trim the bodies as needed. No raking of the body is allowed. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Classic NASCAR you say.....I put this body together and painted it sometime around 1986 when this body style was the "current" NASCAR body style. I was racing with the PASER club at Lee Dundas' barn at that time. It was mounted on the second scratchbuilt chassis I had ever built, powered by a 36D motor. It was basically just a flat brass pan, like a big Womp, and it handled like a big Womp......I never won with it, or even placed well. I hope that might change this Saturday!


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Re: 2021 Patriot 500

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this years race. There were 13 racers and the racing was fast and furious.
There were some BIG wrecks and side by side racing. It was a lot of fun. Tight racing through the entire field. Unfortunately, there were 4 DNF's due to damage beyond repair during the event. Here are the final results....

  1st Place -     Gary Tipton       477.0 Laps
  2nd Place -    Racerbob          470.8 Laps
  3rd Place -     Stewmeat         445.1 Laps
  4th Place -     Bartman           434.4 Laps
  5th Place -     Gearloose         432.5 Laps
  6th Place -     Scary Gary       417.6 Laps
  7th Place -     Beau                404.6 Laps
  8th Place-      Matt Bell          399.6 Laps
  9th Place -    Bill Bostic          386.8 Laps
10th Place -    Al                     319.6 Laps
11th Place -    Rico                 114.9 Laps
12th Place -    Mitch                    19 Laps
13th Place - Turing John (DQ)  432.5 Laps

Racer's Choice winner: Beau / #11 Budweiser Monte Carlo

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

As one of the DNFs I would like to state here and now, that even a DNF did not diminish my enjoyment of the day and the race! I absolutely love racing at Springwater, and although the track can be very unforgiving the thrill is always there! Such fast racing and so much of it side by side!

I t was an awesome day with awesome friends and competitors! On a scale of 10 this was an 11! Thanks Bob for another fantastic event! I'll get my pictures up soon!

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

I can only echo Bill's sentiments. I will take full responsibility for breaking the trunk section off the body, I just overcooked it. I'm not sure exactly how the front axle tube was torn off but I sure had fun while it lasted and so did my stinky motor :-) I think everyone was amazed it kept going and going. Time to get started on a new body.


Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

Here's some photos I took at the Patriot 500 Race:

Matt was making some pre-race adjustments.

Mitch & Bart trackside before the start of the race.

Things were relaxed and casual before the race began.

Rico ready for the start.

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

The starting grid.







Re: 2021 Patriot 500

Trackside left to right, Bart, Matt, Rico.

We had a good crowd for this race!


Bart gets his car on the cooler between heat races.

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The Racer's Choice Award went to Beau's beautiful entry!

Springwater Raceway has a steeply banked 180 degree wide radius turn that took its toll on more than one competitor during the race!

Racers taking care of business between heats.

Gearloose and Bob before the start of the next heat race.

Gary T. servicing his car between heats. Gary was the eventual winner of the race.

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

Great Photos Bill.

Re: 2021 Patriot 500

Thanks Mitch.