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Topic: New look for an old Project

This 1/24 scale Triumph TR3 has been hiding in the back of a drawer for years.

Way back when I was drag racing with Bob and the guys in Vancouver we had an "import" class. I built this and a Toyota Cressida for that class.  At some point after I had my own track I put the body on an old AMT chassis with some odd looking insert wheels. 

I looked unsuccessfully for a long time for 5/40 threaded wire wheels. I've tried various inserts but didn't like any of them. A few days ago in another drawer I found four Dynamic "sport" wheels that looked kind of like wire wheels but they didn't fit well under the body. I ended up just painting what I had and adding the spinners.

While it is no speed demon with its 36D motor it is very quiet, smooth and fun to drive.

Now to work on an interior.


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Re: New look for an old Project

Nice job Mitch, that looks fantastic!

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Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.