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Topic: Springwater Classic NASCAR 500

Thanks to everyone who came to race today!!! The Racing was close and competitive with a few hard crashes. Typical NASCAR racing....right? Zack Morgan led the way with a hard fought win. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Here is the final rundown:
1st-Zank Morgan-485.8 laps               11th-Mitch-360.1 laps
2nd-Bob N.-468.9 laps                       12th-Scott-231.9 laps
3rd-Stuart-459.2 laps                        13th-Ted-111.0 laps (car broke beyond repair)
4th-Gearloose-432.8 laps                   14th-Tom-382.1 laps (Disqualified by changing cars-still a great job)
5th-Howie-432.4 laps
6th-Marty-416.2 laps
7th-Beau-411.1 laps
8th-Bart-381.1 laps
9th-John G.-369.7 laps
10th-Al-361.3 laps

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It was a good time Bob

Re: Springwater Classic NASCAR 500

A lot of fun today Bob, thanks.

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I had a great time. I really like the racing on this track, it has such a good flow to it.

Here are some pics I took of the event. I really need to remember to get more pictures of the people........








Thanks Bob for hosting!

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Post race remorse ..... not showing up to this event. Brings back lots of memories racing on identical and similar Olgilvie tracks ... 8 lanes of high speed action. My 1990 Lumina Nascar was in the box ready to go ... just needed to jump in my Van and head south on I-5 for a couple hundred miles.

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Only half the remorse Dennis, we only used the 4 inside lanes.

Some of us marshals are old, colorblind and easily confused, but the racing was fantastic.

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Re: Springwater Classic NASCAR 500

Thanks again to everyone, you'all made this race a success. Next years race will have the following rule change. The body list will be any Monogram 1/24th NASCAR body that fits a Hannah style chassis except Gen 6 models and slabside Monte Carlos. These bodies are to wide and the maximum chassis width at the pans will be 2 13/16 of an inch excluding the "L" rail the body sits on. The minimum body height will remain 1.850.
Bob N.

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Re: Springwater Classic NASCAR 500

I think this is going to be my entry in the Springwater 500 next time. It is still sealed from the factory! Found it in the shop yesterday. This was driven by Lake Speed, a national kart champion before he moved on to the NASCAR circuit. I hope I have some purple paint left!

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Geez; this morning I was ready to cut the factory wrap off of the #83 box when I noticed the manufacturing date of 1988! 32 yrs. ago, mmmmmm now what?

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Get your wife to open it and then your not the one that ruined a un open vintage model box.......

The secondnidator

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Go ahead and open it Howie. There are probably thousands of unopened kits exactly the same out there that the collectors have never opened. I just saw 9 on Ebay most at $20 or less.

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Yea,  I know they aren't worth much and I will cut into it. Just had to have somewhat of an excuse because I wanted to put the project off for now and get into something else!

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I understand fully Howie!!!!.....I have braid to glue down.....................besides, you really need more to do........ha, ha, ha!

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There are collectors, and then there are consumers.

When the boys were young the youngest's favorite part of Slot cars was crashing, I had to remove the chicanes because he would just park there and wait...

Anyway, I spent a long time looking for an Eldon Demolition Derby set. When I finally found one it was an un-opened, sealed in plastic set. I had to force myself to pass on it.

I eventually found enough pieces to build two cars, but never the correct track.

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Mitch, Bob Nak may have all the correct track pieces for the demolition derby figure eight. If not I know a guy in Spokane that has an extensive Eldon collection. He maybe able to set you up. He ships.