Topic: My U2 Trans Am Alfa Romeo build.

I thought I would start a thread over here about this car, many of you have seen it elsewhere. I know Tom and some others are getting going scratch building so I thought it may still be worthwhile.

Body: Fly GTAM Alfa Romeo Giulia

Wheels: Fronts are 15.8x8.2mm standard rear wheels.
Rears are 15.8x8.2mm Air wheels

Tires: Fronts are coated stock rubber off of a fly kit.
Rears are NSR Supergrip 21x10, narrowed to around 9mm in the rear.

Guide: Scaleauto wood guide, soft braid

Motor: NSR Shark 20k. The rules call for a 21.5, but this motor tach'd well and they drive nice. So for the budget's sake I put it in there.

Gears: 18mm 34t, Pinion is a NSR 6.75mm 12t. These NSR 6.75 gears can make life easier when doing sidewinders, since they give you just a little more room between the motor and the axle. They also have a much nicer nodule in 12t because of the larger diameter.

Front nose piece is .063" brass.

Rails are .047" wire to try and get some extra flex.

Flexi pans are .063" brass and are mounted using .032" wire so they don't inhibit the chassis flex.

The Guide tonque is mild steel, and the guide mount tube is a Samson Classics Spigot mount tube. These make like really easy when using Scaleauto and Sloting plus guides.

I opted to just solder the motor in, these NSR motors are bullet proof, and this way I didn't have to add a lot of reinforcement to the axle tube, since the motor is now the brace.

After some testing I added a flexi pan to the center of the chassis out of .032" brass. It is mounted on a single pivot in the front and then .032" wire again in the back to keep it from sagging etc. It freely floats to keep the chassis flex in it as intended. Tape was also added to the bottom to control the noise produced by the loose pan.

Initial testing is going good. I am waiting to see it how it performs at Al's before making more changes.

My plan is to coat it red in the end, like proper Alfa!

Some interesting things you can see here. Because the car is so small, I actually used the guide tube to brace the front of the axle tube. Also when soldering with a motor in, it can be a pain with magnetic parts. This big hunk of .093 brass is blocking the mag effect from moving the .032" wire while soldered it in place!

Re: My U2 Trans Am Alfa Romeo build.

looks like it going be a good runner....

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