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Alright guys, I brought this up with Al last night while we were doing some proxy qualifying.

I think it may be advantageous for some people if we had a test and tune day for the upcoming classed cars, especially since the tires are just becoming available for the DTM cars.

Al said he would be willing to host one if we can get it scheduled. I could bring along my tire truer, as well as some other tuning related items to be available.

This would be a some good track time to dial in cars, without the pressure of having to race them that day!

If this is of interest to you, post here and we will try and get something organized between now and the first race of DTM!


Re: Test & Tune

Count Blind Fury (Joel) and I in.

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Dtm tuning you say sure I'm in also. I'LL  bring the most important  tuning  tool. 5lb deadblow  hammer. Just pick the night 400 pm or later works best for me.

The secondnidator

Re: Test & Tune

I would love to come. I can bring my tire truer as well as some other stuff.

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As someone without a track these days, I'm in if I'm free!