Topic: Joel's Fly Racing Porsche GT1

After his first race. New guy Joel commissioned me to put together something he could run in the upcoming LMP class.

With the success I had with the first version of this car, we decided to go with the Fly Racing Porsche. They are really great looking cars, and this magnet version comes with a nice 21k motor.

Here is a quick list of mods:
Chassis flattened and shaved at the edges for float.

All body mounting surfaces de-burred and holes slightly enlarged.

Front Axle shims

Suspension system was dis-assembled and de-burred for smooth operation.

Thunderslot rear slicks mounted on stock wheels, trued, glued.

Motor broken in (it has some POWER) soft braid, Blueprinted guide hole for nice movement.

Motor glued to pod

Front pod mount was clean and greased (these cars have a rubber monoball design)

12g of lead

It turned out great, and runs laps just off the pace of my current porsche and LMP cars. But with some small tweaks should be more than enough to be in the mix. Plus is looks like THIS:

Hopefully he loves it!


Re: Joel's Fly Racing Porsche GT1

Very nice Zack!

Re: Joel's Fly Racing Porsche GT1

Looks good! He will love it