Topic: Morgan Motorsports Can Am car for sale!

Hey guys, I just got my McLaren M8d back from the Can Am proxy. Car is in fantastic shape, other than a missing mirror and fender fin.

I have built a number of these for club member but I thought someone might still be needing one.

Chassis flattened and trimmed for float.
Pod flattened, trimmed, bushings glued, Motor Glued, installed using SCC urethane washers and Nyloc hardware.
Aluminum front wheels with Trued tires, coated
14.3x10 Thunderslot rear wheels and tires
NSR Shark 22 motor
Body clearance for float and front tire clearance
Professor motor guide flag w/SCC braid
Brass body screw in front
Brass axle height screws up front

Currently numbered 18, has number 5 underneath the sticker.

This car placed 5th overall in the proxy and has ran as low as a 6.2s lap at Al's.

$55 obo, might trade for something interesting.

Re: Morgan Motorsports Can Am car for sale!

I think you can count me in if it is legal for Naste Can Am?

Re: Morgan Motorsports Can Am car for sale!

Tom, it is fully legal for our Can Am yes.

If you want it lmk I will bring to the next race!