Topic: Brand new build, parts list and costs for (hopefully) fresh racers!

Hey guys, with the PASER race coming up at the end of the month and the class also being a potential to race at Rapid raceway I have started putting together a Can Am car.

The rules are essential identical aside from the front tires, which can be rounded in PASER and cannot at Rapid. This may not be the most competitive chassis for the class, but it is something to get going with and can be recycled into many other classes if needed.

I have compiled the parts numbers and parts costs totals as I have done this, in hopes that other new guys might be able to find them easier down the road. There is a lot of little pieces you need to put this thing together!

Sloting plus chassis kit part # SP800001  $49.99
Slick Seven S7-142 Brass Reducer Bushings 1/4" to 3/16" - 2 pair.  $9.00
PROFESSOR MOTOR PMTR1176 3/32" I.D. Grade 7 Ball Bearings 3/16" O.D. $7.95
Slick Seven S7-425 High Performance Slick 7 Guide Threaded $2.25
Slick Seven S7-48 Low Profile Aluminum Guide Nut - 1 Nut / Package $1.69
Parma P670 Guide Spacers 1/32" Nylon 6 Pcs $2.40
H&R Racing HR0302 6 Pair 1/24 Commercial Copper Braid $1.50/pair
TQ RACING TQ130 1' 18 Gauge Orange Silicone Lead Wire w/ Silver Clips $2.75
Professor Motor PMTR1034 HIGH PRECISION axles 3/32" x 2.24" 2/pckg $3.99 (you may want longer ones to start)
Pro-Track PT400 1.06" Foam "Daytona Stockers" FRONT 1/24 Tires 3/32" Axle $10.00
Pro-track eliminator 1-1/16 rear tires 3/32 axles $12.00
Camen 9 Tooth, 64 pitch Pinion Gear    C800109 $4.95
Slick 7 hybrid 64 pitch 56t spur gear $6.00
Lexan Can Am body $10.00

Grand total $140.11

The real trick to completing the car is the spur gear, I was able to find a 58t spur, which you can run with an 11t pinion for similar gear ratio if you run the tires above .950 on the back of the car.  I may end up putting a 58t on the back of my TA car just so I have a shorter spur for the Can Am. Hopefully the replacement gears the club has ordered will be available soon!