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Well I am plugging along figuring out how to put a decent motor together.

I thought I would share my first experience. The Parma motor that came in sportman car was pretty much ruined. The bushing in the can had come unseated, and worked its way up against the winding causing a large bind.

So I installed a new Pro-slot 2003 motor. Because of the time crunch all I did was break this motor in slightly and then put it in the car. I noticed at the end of heat racing the other night that it sounded like the motor picked up in speed halfway down the straight.

Upon diagnosing this I found that the shims on the armature to center it were actually loose enough that the bushing had become unseated in the end bell. This caused significant brush wear and more importantly ruined the armature of my brand new motor, because it scored the shaft on the bushing in the can end.

I believe it was also the cause of my mid-race gear failure, as once that bushing works loose the pinon is not stabilized properly.

LONG STORY SHORT- My new motor has the can bushing soldered in and I glued the bushing in the endbell, as well as made sure to properly set the thrust clearance on the rotor.

I took apart my other brand new one before being ran and found similar problems. I recommend checking thrust and gluing the bushings in at a minimum with this motor.

I can fix this one with a new set of bushings and an armature, which cost more than a whole new motor! That makes sense....

Pics coming tonight.....


Re: Learn from my mistake! Motors

Great info Zack!