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Most legends are based on minimal facts that are embellished upon as the stories are repeated through the years, until the legend has become something of an epic exaggeration. Such is not the case with the legend of Goose's Pontiac GTO! Some of us have heard the rumours of Goose having an old Pontiac GTO stored away in a garage somewhere. I knew Goose for over 35 years and we never talked about his having a GTO. In fact I don't remember where or when I actually heard about the car. I don't even remember who told me about the car. As the story went he never drove the car, just had it tucked away, somewhere.

Well I can tell you now the legend was true! I met with Goose's son the day the car was removed from storage and taken away to start a new life! Here's some photos commemorating the event:

This is the garage the GTO was in for the last 38 or so years!

The padlocks were so rusty they had to be cut off with bolt cutters!

And when the door was opened, and the blankets taken off, there she was!

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She looked pretty clean under the hood.

Four speed car with black interior. The interior looked near perfect!

Factory tach, and yes, that odometer shows 33,796 original miles!

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Original paint, green in color, looked like the paint could possibly be buffed out and look really good!

Once it was up on the roll back we were able to take a better look at it.

The bumpers and chrome trim were all there and in excellent condition!

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The car is still wearing the original wheels!

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I can't remember whether it was Road & Track or Car & Driver that had an article about how the GTO was comparable to a contemporary Ferrari at the time. Always wanted a GTO...

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Wow, 33,000 miles! For those who know me, I could NEVER let that GTO sit all those yrs.
Goose had his reasons I guess, he left a super cool item for someone, ( wish it was me!!)
RIP Goose, you did well with the slot car collection and now this GTO. What other surprises are in store for us Goose?