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July 15th with other support races as well.  Anyone interested?

From SCI: … ost1012505

Scaleracing 12 hours of Tacoma featuring Scaleauto GT2/3 cars on Saturday July 15th 2017
This race will be run with hand out SC-0026 motors. Tires will be SC-2521.
Tires must be clearly identifiable as that tire prior to starting the race. All cars will run by the Scaleracing Scaleauto Rules.
Entry for the 12 Hour Event Saturday includes racing Friday night and Sunday.
We will race 1:32 scale Scaleauto GT2/3 cars as a class. Also Scaleracing LMP Open 1:32.
Plus a BRM Trans Am sprint race.

I have a car or two to go around if needed.  Unfortunately, I will likely not be able to attend due to coverage issues at work but will be trying to work something out.


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I am tentative at best in regards to attendance!

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So, give us all of the details, the good as well as the bad.

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Perhaps we shall, but this thread is about a 12h Scaleauto race back in the spring.  I'll find the one about the BRM race and post something on it.