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Have made a scale mock up of a design for a car to race in the Portland Adult SBD race in 2016.  Will post a picture soon.  Will also bring it to the next race that I can make. 

All wood construction off a 3/4 inch furniture grade floorboard with International SBD wheels, axles and hardware.  The Physics Forum says fastest cars heavy with light wheels.  9 feet long and less than 2 feet high or wide.  A flying wedge.  Call it the "Hawksbill Flyer".  Will build it at my place over the next year.  Need a team of 4 and one volunteer to help.  This WILL happen.  Let me know if interested.  No promises other than a really fast competitive car.  NOT making a gag car or float.  Could race at other venues.

Let me know if interested.

- Dennis

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Put me on your assist list Dennis.


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Would love to lend a hand in the build. Sounds like the ideas I had running through my head for a design direction. Let me know how I can help......Beau

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Me too Dennis, I have tools and I'm not afraid to use them.