Topic: OSCAR TransAm 2/11/2023

The OSCAR group took to the high-speed circuit of Springwater Raceway for race #4 of the 2022-2023 season.
This year brought 10 racers to put their skills and luck to the test. With 1 minute qualifying to determine starting positions and 64 minutes of driving for each person, skill, luck and plain old determination kept the outcome of this race unknown until the checkered flag flew. From first to last, there were close battles throughout the field. The old adage that anything that can happen, will was a theme throughout the day.
First up, Qualifying. Time in seconds
1st - Zack Morgan (Prozack)             5.494
2nd - Tom Street (Terrible Tommy)    5.518
3rd - Bob Nakamura (Racerbob)        5.523
4th - Michael Mitchell                        5.717
5th - John Gill (Turing John)              5.727
6th - Bill Bostic (Bad Billy)                5.773
7th - Kirk Smith (Capt. Kirk)             6.009
8th - Jim Mitchell (Professor Fate)     6.496
9th - Mitch Brooks                           6.656
10th - Stewart Wall (Stew Meat) no time

Final Race Results: Total laps
1st - Racerbob             656.7
2nd - Prozack              655.1
3rd - Turing John         624.1
4th - Bad Billy             612.9
5th - Stewmeat           603.3
6th - Capt. Kirk           598.0
7th - Terrible Tommy    577.2
8th - Professor Fate      553.3
9th - Mitch                   414.5
10th - Michael              336.0

Racer's Choice: Professor Fate and his blue #48 Plymouth Cuda.
Food provided by my wife Teri. Without her, we wouldn't have made it to the end. Thanks dear!!!!!