Topic: OSCAR Sports Cars - 1/8/2021

What a day at Springwater Raceway. A schedule change brought the OSCAR group to race the Sport Cars class today, and the racing was nothing short of exciting. 11 racers came to battle, and it came down to the end to determine finishing positions, From first to last, it wasn't over until the checkered flag flew!
    Final Results:
1st. Turing John - 690 laps
2nd. Zack Morgan - 686.2 laps
3rd. Bob N. - 683.0 laps
4th. Stewmeat - 652.6 laps
5th. JP - 643.6 laps
6th. Bartman - 626.5 laps
7th. Terrible Tommy - 619.9 laps
8th. - Gearloose - 609.4 laps
9th. Michael. - 582 laps
10th. Professor Fate - 581.8 laps
11th. Bill Bostic. 546.6 laps