Topic: Ninco Vette build!

Well I am currently still working, I have been pretty much heading straight home everynight and leaving later in the morning. So I have been making some really solid progress on some projects I have had sitting around.

I picked up this Ninco Corvette from Bill about 4 months ago, with the intend of building a classic 1 car out of it. Well, needless to say I never got around to it.

Last night I pulled it out of the project line and got it pretty much squared away. I am going to change the motor, and may even just put an 18k in it. It handles well and I think can take the power.

-S-can 14k motor. (I might put an 18k in it for the time being) Axles and 9/25 gearing (probably going to go up if it stays 14k)
-Front axle is blocked up with styrene sheet, then the front wheels trued down as far as possible.
-Front and rear wheels are Pendle Classics
-Rear tires are BOSA Ninco urethanes
-Professor motor Oilite bushings glued in the back, glued in place.
-Samson Clasics guide tube. I really like using these to put upgraded guides in cars where the post hole is too large or irregular shaped. I just ream out the chassis and press one of these in there. Perfect fit and the guide stays nicely positioned.
-Sloting plus wood guide w/ soft braid
-Trimmed .050" off the body posts, installed urethane washers washers. (body lowered around .030")
-Lots of work done around the edges of the chassis and body to get some good float, this car was tight!

First few laps with the car and it was running smoothly and handling well, just needs more power!


Re: Ninco Vette build!

Looks good Zack.
I have the same car but surprisingly it seems to have four round wheels so I've left them on the car. It runs very smooth but a few ticks slower than my similarly set up Chaparral.

Re: Ninco Vette build!

These Corvettes dominated the Classic class when they were new. Looks like this one will put them back on top! Nice car, Zack!