Topic: Tire testing.

Today I brought along my LMP and my scaleauto corvette to Inslots checkered flag.

I had scaleauto white stripe foams on the LMP and red strips on the Vette.

Both the cars ran great on these tires, lots of grip, smooth and predictable.

With some deeper guides I think they would be very fun. Sounds like Bill is going to grab some and do some od his own testing!


Re: Tire testing.

maybe some 1/32 scale racing at Inslot's Checkered Flag Raceway race some time in the near future??????

The secondnidator

Re: Tire testing.

I was over there hanging some wall art (technically, ceiling art) and coincidentally brought some cars as well.  All of them were running on either Scaleauto or BRM foams, with the one exception of the BRM Trans Am Mustang.  Despite the foams not being very fresh (they are mostly from the 24h events in Tacoma, so you can tell how stale they may be), all the cars were enjoyable to run and would be very entertaining to run together.

I think working in some 1/24 racing for the BRM and Scaleauto owners out there would be very welcome.  I know I'd support it.