Topic: Scuderia Kouba Volunteers for 2019

Hey Gang,

We're looking to see who's planning to help us out on the hill for this year's event- effectively taking roll call to make sure we have t-shirts for everybody.  The date is 8/17 and timing-wise, it's a long day.

So for volunteers by car, we have:

Mk 2 - Greg Dunbar (car #39)
Mk 3 - Joanne Dicarlo
Mk 5 - Greg Jr(?) (car #3)
Mk 6 - Greg Dicarlo
Mk 7 - Al Christensen (car #1)

If you're not listed above and are planning on heading to Mt Tabor to help out the team, please let me know and send me your shirt size.  We'd love to have you out there... most of you...

I need to get the order in fairly pretty soon, so please get back to me here or email me by adding "" to my screen name of ckouba.  Cut off will be Wednesday.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you on the hill!