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Topic: Open house

The Springwater raceway will be open on Saturday April 27th from 2pm till 6pm. This is open to any slot racer
that wishes to try out the track.  There will not be any snacks or drink and bathrooms are located in the church. I will have a key to unlock the room the bathroom is located in. Please park in the paved parking area and the track is located in the basement of the church and the entry door is on the right side of the church (North) on the lower level down the small hill. Looking forward to seeing you.

  Bob N.

Re: Open house

Big thanks to both Bob and Bill for hosting great open house events. Both of these tracks look great and we can hardly wait to attend events on both of them.
  As I see guys selling off their cars as tracks in their areas have closed we are truly lucky to have a wide range of tracks built to different styles and taste. And even spread out across the metro area.
  It was also great to see Glen Heath again and get to meet some of Goose Gosset's family.